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February 3, 2015/  Volume 2015, Issue 3

Potential West Coast Shutdown May Occur Next Week

Dear Valued Customer,


Peter Friedmann of FBB Federal Relations has announced that he has received information from a credible source that it appears there will be a gradual lockout at the West Coast Ports this week, expanding over the weekend, and fully implemented next week. It is possible the ILWU will take some action to be the "first" to act, but the result will be the same - the shut-down of the West Coast.  Mr. Friedmann states that this information has a "firm basis and warrants preparation."


There have already been frequent work stoppages up and down the coast and carriers have been skipping certain ports such as Portland, OR and Oakland, CA by diverting their vessels to other ports in an attempt to avoid the worst congested ports.


Dockworkers walked off the job twice last week at Terminal 6 at the Port of Portland, a sign of ongoing contentious contract talks between ICTSI Oregon and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.


Shippers worry that Hanjin Shipping will reconsider its decision to keep calling at the port as one Hanjin vessel was turned away last week after learning of repeated delays in loading and unloading another vessel that had already docked.


Although labor talks have been conflict-ridden for all West Coast ports, port officials and shippers say the labor-management problems are even more serious at Portland, where labor disruptions have been going on for two years. For more of the "The Oregonian" story: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tWiFpyAXHelcM5U-mqM8W2K9T0UafigpSoi_vf8DZ-bBfkgopSfgvRSb39aqFyHAJumOhYVyZOa3b6opGLP6-EAtG4i8XCLT5aXyf-0Zq0WtNh27MGdjK-jucCaz0F9Lj4Mpd9dMMsiPzwyy7imetAIXrVvBpRtCXvhjHnO4wCMLfRkn1eiXK1AMIMDXk93YYmfKJVwzVXirECxV7_y868LH6JeYnzf8nf6ciiTra45vXhsYgvZFJELDzNX345sCapws5uJxn9LlsQG-0wcBmzNv9-q1VVFQTjYwQM8P_tvg_zWysOn2qJ9GQO34WkZP&c=&ch= 
















As of last Friday, there were over 19 vessels at anchor in the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor areas and at least 15 in the Oakland/SF/Pacific area. 



The congestion is also showing up in diversion of cargo to ports in Canada and on the U.S. East Coast. Container volume in Los Angeles-Long Beach declined 1 percent in December compared to December 2013, while East Coast gateways as well as Prince Rupert, Canada, were reporting double-digit growth.


On a positive note, the elected representatives are engaged and are putting pressure on the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association to reach a fair mutually beneficial agreement as quickly as possible.


James J. Boyle & Co. will continue to monitor the volatile situation and will keep our customers informed of any significant updates. 


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