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May 1, 2015/  Volume 2015, Issue 13

 CBP's Next Phase of ISF Enforcement Begins on May 14

Dear Valued Customer:


CBP will begin the next stage on full enforcement for the filing of the Importer Security Filing (ISF) effective May 14, 2015.


On that date, all penalty actions  for ISF violations will be initiated in each of the local Customs Ports and copies will not be sent to CBP HQ for review and approval.


Also, the local Ports will not be required to issue 3 strikes before issuing penalties for liquidated damages.


The Ports will still have flexibility in their processes that were allowed during the previous stage of enforcement.   For example, in Los Angeles, CBP still plans to place holds on Cargo that does not have an ISF matched to it on the manifest within 4 days of arrival.


However, Los Angeles CBP will issue penalties to continually late ISF filers. Other Ports may still issue warnings while some may just take immediate penalty action.


On May 5, 2015 CBP will be hosting a webinar titled "Importer Security Filing (ISF) Enforcement Update - What to Expect Now".


Webinar Description: The webinar is the last educational outreach effort before the expiration of the extended 12-month period during which Headquarters reviews all the requests for liquidated damages claims prior to issuance. There will be a Q&A session.


Unfortunately, CBP has already reached their capacity limit for attending the live webinar, but a recording will made available in the near future at: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KQuT_UtPtIx1dGRy4dyTX7mu2qKe_Ri2_ROSDk7MEfUeKcjC7McnasSkN_x_M_f-0gs0iNSP3W_DD9WW2YCfkCAFcoKcvBHcOFR78rl41Sx_GWxm6xLOF9CrvrglyoLtyvrOoXONuA4xf1RGwulE_B5cEC_-uTVvX0JFsa24Np1wXpzbcKCruTfjYwCkVQVMgXV_QQA1cFjJu78ugsSXkNtHW2nRMHtduU9Ww0L0THloOWsA9_kosZ1DP8P51eRKCPigcxih-T9DOMAuzDwSt62TLLIj5u5_o8m1JeANEjxQJiOsHi0nqFD4nEsY6kZ1OPrT-aBmkItD6xZ0Xfgn5iTbj3nk7rL51mBRfNHHeO4=&c=&ch=


Importers are encouraged to review the recording when it becomes available after May 5 to learn what changes can be expected in this new stage of ISF enforcement.


James J. Boyle & Co. strongly encourages our clients to work with your supply chain partners in order to provide accurate and timely ISF data wherever there may have been failures in the recent past so as to minimize your risks and liabilities for monetary penalties.


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